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PELCO Precision Low Speed Saw

The PELCO® Precision Low Speed Saw is a compact, multipurpose, precision saw designed to cut a wide variety of materials with minimal subsurface damage.

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PELCO Precision Low Speed Saw
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Product Description

The PELCO® Precision Low Speed Saw is a compact, multipurpose, precision saw designed to cut a wide variety of materials with minimal subsurface damage. Its low speed makes it possible to cut fragile materials that would otherwise fracture as well as soft materials that would load the diamond wheel on a higher speed saw. A variety of sample holders are available, providing a means for mounting any shape of sample, while multi-axis goniometer adaptability simplifies cutting oriented crystals.


The sample is mounted to a sample holder and attached to the arm. An appropriate load is applied by adjusting the counterbalancing weight, and the automatic stop switch is set to define the end of the cut. The sample is positioned in any starting position relative to the diamond blade and then a micrometre is used for precise sample positioning. With the diamond blade rotating slowly and coolant in the reservoir, the arm is gently lowered until the sample touches the diamond blade. Cutting will continue until the automatic cutoff switch is triggered.

Cutting Blades

The PELCO Precision Low Speed Saw is designed to cut with diamond, cBN and abrasive blades. Diamond blades are used for most applications while cBN blades are primarily used for cutting ferrous based materials. Abrasive blades (Al2O3, SiC) can be used for cutting both ferrous and nonferrous materials and have also been used for dry cutting of superconductor materials. 

  • The belt drive system eliminates gear breakage which is common with less reliable fibre gear driven designs
  • The coolant reservoir is lowered and easily removed by opening an access door located on the front panel
  • Both coarse and fine sample position adjustments allow rapid and accurate sample positioning
  • The polyethylene coolant reservoir enables the use of both water-soluble and oil-based coolants
  • Automatic termination of the cutting process is controlled by an electromechanical down stop which minimizes supervision
  • The cutting arm pivots on a set of precision bearings rather than on the micrometre shaft which ensures accurate and repeatable sample positioning
  • The PELCO® Precision Low Speed Saw utilizes a high torque 1/15 HP DC motor to provide sufficient power for difficult materials
  • Automatic overload protection shuts down the motor if the blade binds while cutting.
  • A wide variety of sample holders allow mounting of virtually any shape of sample

A range of accessories are available for use with the PELCO Precision Low Speed Saw, please see our accessories webpage for more information.

Features & Specifications
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
33cm (13 inches) x 33cm (13 inches) x 23cm (9 inches)
Universal Power
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
50-300 RPM
Blade Sizes
76.2mm (3 inches) or 101.6mm (4 inches), with a 12.7mm (0.5 inch) arbor
Maximum Cut Depth
31.75mm (1.25 inches)
ETL and CE Certified
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