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  1. Agar Express February 2021 - new series of Gel-Pak boxes, SARS-Covid stained by UA-Zero & more!
  2. UA-Zero: SARS-Covid by Andreia Pinto
  3. Quantifoils: Nucleosome Arrays by Noelia Fernandez-Rivero and Ricardo Aramayo
  4. Agar Express January 2021 - Agar Scientific chemicals, special offers on quantifoils & more!
  5. Deposition of Ultra-Pure gold nanoparticles in the NL50
  6. Agar Express December 2020 - a new Nanoparticle Deposition System, a Christmas update & more!
  7. Agar Auto Sputter Coater in Action - Crown Packaging
  8. Agar Express November 2020 -  extra discounts this month, new AFM probes and more!
  9. UA-Zero Application: Fixation, staining and processing of kidney tissue
  10. Agar Express October 2020 -  new buffers, special offers on Quantifoils, targets and more!
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