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  1. Agar Express September 2020 -  new offers on serialised TEM grid boxes, new diamond abrasive suspensions & more!
  2. UA-Zero Application: Fixation, staining and processing of HeLa* cells grown on coverslips
  3. Agar Express August 2020 -  Special offer on a large slide warmer, new prices on carbon coated grids & new polishing cloths and AFM probes…
  4. Using LR White for Light Microscopy
  5. Agar Express July 2020 - a COVID19 update & our new website!
  6. COVID-19 Update, 13th July 2019
  7. Agar Express February 2020 - New high quality AFM probes, reduced prices for carbon coated copper grids, special offers & more...
  8. UA-Zero Application: Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) negative staining
  9. Agar Express January 2020 - New pH Meter with Android Tablet, Diamond Suspensions, Special Offers & more...
  10. Using LR White for Electron Microscopy
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