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Vacuum coating application guide

The table offers guidance to help you select the coater type and configuration most appropriate for your application:
Applications Instrumentation
SEM low magnification imaging Manual sputter coater – Au target
SEM high magnification imaging
High specimen throughput  
Automatic sputter coater – Au/Pd target
Film thickness monitor 
FEG SEM high magnification imaging
Low voltage imaging
Highly contoured samples 
High resolution coater – Cr, Pt/Pd targets
Rotary planetary stage
Terminating film thickness monitor
EDX analysis low atomic number coatingCarbon coater
EDX WDX analysisSEM Turbo carbon coater
EBSD/CL/BE imaging of non-conductive samples Film thickness monitor
Rotary planetary stage
TEM support filmsTEM Turbo carbon coater
Grid coating Metal evaporation
Metal evaporation and shadowing Rotary shadowing table
Hydrophilisation of grids Glow discharge