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K-kit for Liquid TEM, complete toolbox

Easy-to-use, innovative sample holder for liquid specimens. Complete toolbox including accessories.

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Product Description

The K-kit is an easy-to-use, innovative sample holder for liquid specimens. It is a single-use sample holder with a sealable micro-channel between two silicon nitride membranes. Manufactured from silicon with Si3N4 membranes, the K-kit is compatible with most standard TEM holders.

The K-kit advantage:
  • Affordable and easy-to-use
  • No installation hassle
  • Image nano-objects in native state, no drying artefacts
  • Sealable carrier takes liquid sample directly to TEM
  • Fits all common TEM holders
  • Can preserve the sample for future re-examination
Fill, seal and observe:

Included in the K-kit Complete Toolbox: 1 x Sample Loading Stand, 1 x Holder, 1 x  Needle Pen, 1 x Gluing Stand, 1 x pack of 6 glass slides, 1 x Accessory Box (contains sealing and mounting glues, stirring sticks, and miscellaneous spare parts for the tools), and 1 x 4-pack of single-use 0.2µm K-kit carriers.

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