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Square Pattern 300 Mesh TEM Support Grids

300 mesh, square pattern, 3.05mm diameter TEM grids.

Available in Copper, Copper/Palladium, Nickel, Gold, Aluminium, Molybdenum & Stainless Steel.

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Average lead time: 1 to 45 days


Product Description

Square pattern, 300 mesh TEM support grids in 3.05mm diameter.

Materials and pack sizes available:

  • Copper, pack of 100
  • Nickel, pack of 100
  • Copper, with one side flash-coated with palladium for identification purposes, pack of 100
  • Gold, pack of 50
  • Aluminium, pack of 25
  • Molybdenum, pack of 25
  • Stainless Steel, pack of 25
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