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agar manufactured

Agar Filaments for FEI

High-quality replacement tungsten filaments for FEI electron microscopes. Box of 10.

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Product Description

Agar Scientific tungsten filaments are made with specially designed jigs which ensure accuracy and reproducibility in production. High-ductility tungsten wire is used to minimise strain. All filaments are stress relieved by flashing in a vacuum at temperatures above the normal operating level and are then checked for accuracy of centring.

  • Designed for use with FEI electron microscopes
  • Manufactured in Agar Scientific's production labs to the highest standards
  • Precision made to ensure maximum image quality and life expectancy
  • Custom engineered jigs guarantee the accuracy of every filament
  • 100% pre-conditioned under vacuum and individually quality checked

Supplied in a box of 10. 

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