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Phenofree Hot Mounting Resins

Phenol-free and formaldehyde-free thermosetting mounting resins.

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Product Description

Phenofree hot mounting resins are the first ecologically-friendly effective alternative to phenol metallographic mounting resins, which are liable to release phenol and/or formaldehyde during baking.

The resins are designed for the technical mounting of all types of materials and are also suitable for material examinations or edge examinations.

  • Phenofree resins provide the same hardness as phenol mounting resins
  • Less shrinkage than the phenol mounting resins
  • Available in 3 coloured resins (grey, white and red) to improve metallographic sample identification
  • Suitable for the polishing of hard materials
  • The White Phenofree resin can also be used as an alternative to epoxy resins in certain cases

Phenofree 1: Grey composite powder, Polyvalent, hard

Phenofree 2: Red composite powder, Polyvalent, very hard

Phenofree 3: White composite powder, Polyvalent, extra hard 


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