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High Resolution Sputter Coater

The Agar high resolution sputter coater with dry pump offers a real solution to the problems encountered when coating difficult samples for FEG SEM imaging.

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Product Description

The Agar high resolution sputter coater offers a real solution to the problems encountered when coating difficult samples for FEG SEM imaging. To minimise the effect of grain size, the coater gives full control over thickness and deposition conditions. The turbomolecular drag pump provides the high vacuum necessary for sputtering non-noble metals, while having excellent gas handling characteristics. The magnetron sputtering head has the high current capability required for sputtering chromium and a source shutter for target conditioning is provided as standard.

The rotary planetary stage with tilt ensures that highly contoured samples are evenly coated. This ensures that the minimum coating thickness can be applied to give conductivity without compromising fine specimen detail. The dual height 150mm diameter work chamber gives easy adjustment of working distance.

The integrated terminating film thickness monitor allows the coating thickness to be closely controlled and reproduced for repeat samples.

Key features:
  • The high vacuum pump has been changed to improve the base vacuum by an order of magnitude
  • The dry pump provides long-term, high-vacuum performance and reliability
  • Sputter power supply incorporates a plasma voltage monitor to optimise the argon atmosphere for difficult material 
  • The new AGB7234-DRY will sputter aluminium at high rates
  • Sputter source is a SmCo magnetron with 28mm targets for increased efficiency and target life
  • Front panel controls have been simplified with new software without changing functionality   
Features & Specifications
Sputter head
Low voltage planar magnetron type with quick target change. Wrap-around dark-space shield
Sputter target
ø 28mm. Optional Cr, Ta, Au, Au/Pd, Pt, W, Ir, Ag can be quoted separately.
Sputter supply
Programmable digital control, microprocessor based, safety interlocked, current control independent of vacuum, 80mA max.
Sample table
Motorised Rotary Planetary stage with manual tilt (standard)
Analogue metering
Vacuum: atmosphere - 0.001mb, current: 0 - 100mA
Dimensions (W x D x H)
600mm x 600mm x 450mm
550 VA max.
Pumping system speed
300 litres/min @ 0.1mb
Benchtop system
Vacuum pump is mounted on a benchtop compatible anti-vibration table with stainless steel bellows coupling system
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