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28 mm Spare Disc Targets

High purity 28 mm spare disc targets for sputter coaters. 

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Average lead time: 1 to 34 days


Product Description

High purity 28 mm spare disc targets for sputter coaters. 

Stock CodeMaterialPurityDiameterThickness
AGB7100Molybdenum99.95%28 mm3.2 mm
AGB7101Chromium99.95%28 mm3.2 mm
AGB7102Niobium99.90%28 mm0.5 mm
AGB7103Cobalt99.99%28 mm0.5 mm
AGB7104Copper99.99%28 mm1 mm
AGB7105Gold99.99%28 mm0.2 mm
AGB7106Gold99.99%28 mm0.5 mm
AGB7107Gold99.99%28 mm1 mm
AGB7109Gold/Palladium, 60:40 ratio99.99%28 mm0.2 mm
AGB7110Indium Tin Oxide with 1 mm Copper backing plate 99.99%28 mm3.2 mm
AGB7112Iron99.50%28 mm0.5 mm
AGB7113Nickel99.98%28 mm0.5 mm
AGB7114Palladium99.90%28 mm0.2 mm
AGB7115Nickel/Chromium, 80:20 ratio99.95%28 mm0.5 mm
AGB7116Platinum99.95%28 mm0.2 mm
AGB7117Platinum99.95%28 mm0.5 mm
AGB7118Platinum/Palladium, 80:20 ratio99.99%28 mm0.2 mm
AGB7119Platinum/Palladium, 80:20 ratio99.99%28 mm0.4 mm
AGB7120Silver99.99%28 mm1 mm
AGB7121Tantalum99.95%28 mm0.5 mm
AGB7122Titanium99.60%28 mm0.5 mm
AGB7123Tungsten99.95%28 mm3.2 mm
AGB7124Zirconium99.80%28 mm0.5 mm
AGB7125Aluminium99.999%28 mm1 mm
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