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TRUEscience SMART pH Cap Kit with Electrode and Android Tablet

Bluetooth pH meter and QR buffer system with electrode and Android tablet.

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TRUEscience SMART pH Cap Kit with Electrode and Android Tablet - White SMARTCap - Bundle
Average lead time: 14 days
Average lead time: 14 days
Product Description

The TRUEpH SMART Cap is a laboratory Bluetooth pH meter and QR buffer system that has the accuracy of standard laboratory grade sensors and has the computing power of an Android tablet.


  • 6 meters in 1 - The user can choose between one large single screen meter or simultaneously view the readings of up to 6 SMART Caps at once on a single tablet.
  • Measure anywhere - The system is fully portable.
  • Logging - The SMART Cap can log data continuously and independently from the tablet and can store up to 10,000 readings before needing to download. The LED flashing indicator allows the user to see whether the unit is reading or logging.
  • Open Electrode System - There are three TRUEscience pH electrodes to choose from including glass, epoxy double junction and flat, or the user can use any other standard pH electrode with an S7 connector.
  • Wire-free and stand-free - The system has no wires or stands, the user can simply clip the cap to the Side of beakers and tubes or rest it on the storage stand.


  • Traceability - the QR buffer system automatically loads batch info, expiry date and re-order information onto the app and allows the user to access MSDS sheets and batch calibration certificates for each buffer used.
  • Full Calibration Suite - the system keeps a full calibration history by user and alerts the user to recalibrate using a simple step-by-step process, it will also alert the user if their buffers have expired.
  • Cost Effective - TRUEpH offers a real practical solution with the performance and accuracy (2 decimal places). Using the free TRUEscience App from GooglePlay allows the user to calibrate, log and more on a standard Android tablet.
  • Long battery Life - The TRUEpH Cap has been designed to run for a year on a single battery in normal use or for 6 months when continuous logging.


  • Logging - Data can be viewed as a table or a graph within the tablet, or easily exported and sent in a .csv format.
  • Store and Share Enriched Readings - The app can store multiple results by user and information such as date, time, image, notes & GPS location tags can be added. The results can be shared by email, Dropbox or Googledrive in standard .csv format for spreadsheet analysis or input to LIMS.
  • Alarms and Email Alerts - Using the power of the Android the user can configure alarms at set pH values and be alerted immediately on the tablet or via email as soon as the reading is outside the set limits.

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