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PELCO High Quality Diamond Sectioning and Wafering Blades - 1/2" Arbor

Designed for use with all 1/2" Arbor Precision Cut-Off Saws. 3" diameter blades are fully sintered, 4" and higher are metal-bonded.

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Product Description

These competitively priced Smart Cut‚ precision diamond wafering blades are designed to provide superior smooth surface quality, low-distortion sectioning and enhanced blade life. The man-made diamond crystals in the Smart Cut diamond sectioning blades / wafering blades are oriented in such a way that diamonds are only activated at the exposed layer. As the exposed layer begins to wear out, diamonds in a new layer are activated, keeping up the cutting rate.

  • Faster cutting action ‚ leaves a smooth finish
  • Less glazing ‚ requires minimal dressing
  • More universal ‚ compatible with a greater variety of materials

All Smart Cut diamond blades have a metal-bonded diamond height of 4mm and are available in 3, 4, 5 & 6" diameter with the industry-standard 1/2" or 5/8" holes. Three grades are offered to fit most applications:

  • Medium/fine grit ‚ low concentration for hard and tough materials, hard coating, hard ceramics and concrete
  • Medium/coarse grit - high concentration for composite materials, PCB, soft metals and bone
  • Fine grit ‚ high concentration for glass fibre and carbon composites, soft ceramics and optical materials
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