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5000 Series Flow Meters - Base Models

TSI Mass Flow Multi-Meters provide a bi-directional flow rate measurement with 2% of reading accuracy across a wide flow range.

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Product Description

These Mass Flow Multi-Meters provide a bi-directional flow rate measurement with 2% of reading accuracy across a wide flow range. Integrated temperature and pressure sensors compensate flow measurements to provide mass flow readings independent of temperature or pressure. In addition to temperature and absolute pressure measurements, a built-in totaliser measurement enables users to make volume measurements as a running total. All 5000 Series models come with a standard accessory kit.

Key features:

  • Bidirectional flow sensing
  • Colour touchscreen display
  • Five models for: Air, N2; Air, O2, N2; Air, CO2, N2; O2; CO2
  • Low capacity and high capacity models: +30 L/min or +300 L/min
  • Integrated measurements (flow rate, temperature, ambient pressure, as well as volume, differential pressure & humidity)
  • Configurable tube end adapters
  • Higher flow accuracy options (1.5% of reading)
  • Optional data logging
  • Optional humidity compensation
  • 5000 Series companion PC Software - FLO-Sight™

Easy to operate

View up to four readings simultaneously from the colour touchscreen display. Quickly and easily configure measurements and device settings directly from the flow meter. Connect and operate the gas flow meter through your PC with FLO-Sight software to take advantage of advanced data display and device settings options.

Fits your application

The Flow Meters are lightweight, compact, and can measure across a wide dynamic operating range. The 5000 Series Flow Meter also incorporates configurable tube end adapters, touchscreen control, and multiple mounting options. Whether measuring gas flows in a laboratory, manufacturing, or service setting, the 5000 Series Flow Meter can adapt to fit your unique application.

Proven Performance

5000 Series Flow Meters utilise a proprietary platinum film sensor with proven performance that’s been relied upon for more than 35 years. The flow sensor design is optimised for applications where high accuracy, fast response, and low pressure drop are performance musts. Fast sensor response ensures accuracy in fluctuating flows and is ideal for closed-loop control systems and integrated volume measurements. The low pressure drop of flow meters minimises flow circuit back pressure and its impact on the system.

Features & Specifications
Gas Calibrations:
Air, O2, CO2, N2 (user selectable)
Flow Measurement Range:
0 to ±30 Std L/min or 0 to ±300 Std L/min, 0 to ±100 Std L/min (CO2)
Flow Measurement Accuracy:
2% of reading or 0.05 L/min, whichever is greater
Flow Measurement Response:
4ms to 63% of full scale
Flow Measurement Units:
L/min or ft3/min (Standard, Volumetric, Actual, or Remote)
Overall dimensions:
181.4(L) x 69.9(D) x 50.9(H)
Volume Measurement Range:
0.004 to 99L
Volume Measurement Accuracy:
2% of reading or 1mL, whichever is greater, at peak flows greater than 2.5 Std L/min
Volume Measurement Units:
L, mL, ft3
Technical DataDelivery & Returns
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