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Carb-N-Grids - Carbon FIB Lift Out Grids

Two styles of pure carbon FIB lift-out grids: 2 wide posts or 2 narrow and 2 wide posts.

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Carb-N-Grids, 2 wide posts, pack of 10
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Carb-N-Grids, 2 narrow and 2 wide posts, pack of 10
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Product Description

These FIB lift out grids are made of pure carbon and show very low background for EDS and spectroscopy, and very high adhesion of beam-deposited platinum, making for highly stable attachment of sample lamella.

Carb-N-Grids allow a more accurate Elemental Analysis without the false peaks from similar materials inside and outside the samples. No need to constantly change grid materials for like samples.

  • Zero pre/post alignment due to bent grids
  • Zero fluorescing
  • Durability and zero waste
  • Secure clamping and bending
  • Analysis without elemental contamination
  • Find zero point without hassle
  • Ease of analysis 

These grids come as a strip of 10, where the individual grids are easily removed from the backing with tweezers.

Ideal for samples for spectroscopic examination and where metals such as copper must be avoided.

The unique carbon material is mechanically robust and gives smooth edges at the attachment points. The grids are 3 mm in diameter and approximately 70 µm thick.

Two post grids have 315 x 70 x 300 µm (W x D x H) posts, while four post grids have two narrow posts of 60 x 120µm, and two wide posts 120 x 190 µm with a 120-degree notch at the end.

  • Semiconductor
  • Universities
  • Material Science
  • Life Science
Areas of examination:
  • Failure analysis
  • Defect analysis
  • Materials analysis
  • Research and development
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