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NanoSoft's Igloo is designed for use with the Vitrobot vitrification dewar in order to reduce cryo-EM sample contamination and creates an overall easier sample preparation process.

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Product Description

NanoSoft's Igloo is designed to better control the manual transfer when preparing samples with the Vitrobot. A more enclosed environment provides protection from contaminating ambient humidity, while various system features transform the manual transfer process into a user-friendly experience.

Igloo Cover

The Igloo is a nearly enclosed cover which sits atop the Vitrobot dewar with an opening large enough for comfortable grid button access and grid transfer.

The volume enclosed by the Igloo fills with cold, gaseous nitrogen, creating a dry space with improved protection against the ambient environment.

It is designed to fit comfortably over the floating styrofoam ring, minimising the time that the styrofoam is exposed to ambient humidity and significantly reducing the potential for ice particulate contaminating the liquid nitrogen.

The Igloo material is compatible with liquid nitrogen temperatures, allowing for easy refill with the Igloo on the dewar. The top surface of the Igloo remains comfortable to touch, providing a convenient surface upon which the user can rest their hands for a steady transfer.

The Cobra

The Cobra is integrated into the top surface of the Igloo and flips up to provide a slot into which tweezers can be placed. When resting in the slot, the tips of the tweezers remain submerged in liquid ethane.

The Cobra is compatible with both AGT6001 Cryo-Tweezers and other Vitrobot tweezers. The Cobra engages with magnets in the Plunge-Clamp of the Cryo-Tweezers, providing a more secure attachment.

The design provides freedom to the user to focus both hands on the dewar when moving it from the Vitrobot, the ability to fill the dewar with liquid nitrogen and more.

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