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Cryo-EM Locking Puck Starter Kit

A complete set of pucks and tools for Cryo-EM storage and transport under cryogenic conditions.

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Product Description

The Cryo-EM Locking Pucks feature 12 numbered wells, a see-through lid and easy-access tweezer notches for easy retrieving. Each puck has a unique serial number to keep track of every sample.

The pucks feature a locking screw which prevents lid rotation when storing and extension on the puck base which interact with the locking mechanism of the shipping cane (AGB5005) meaning the pucks can be retained without the pin.

This kit is a complete set of pucks and tools for Cryo-EM. The pucks and tools can also be purchased individually.

The Cryo-EM Locking Puck Starter Kit includes:

  • 7 x AGB5002-M - Cryo-EM Locking Pucks
  • 1 x AGB5005 Shelved Puck Shipping Cane (ALS Style) - includes lockinng rod and hooked handle
  • 1 x AGB5006 - Angled Cryo-Tongs - Perfect for puck manipulation
  • 1 x AGG5009 - Dual-hook system for Cryo shipping cane - a hook system for placing AGB5005 shipping cane into dewars.
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