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Bulk Storage Cryo Grid Box

Bulk storage grid boxes from NanoSoft with unique serial number designed to accomodate an entire 12-grid cassette.

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Average lead time: 13 days


Product Description

Bulk storage grid boxes from NanoSoft, designed with a 12-slot pocket that is optimal for cradling 12 autogrids. The slots can also accommodate unclipped grids securely.

Designed to store an entire 12-grid cassette of samples from vitrification through to cassette loading, the grid box improves storage density and sample traceability, while reducing storage complexity and grid box inventory requirements.

The grid boxes are manufactured with a highly opaque plastic, enabling optimal visualisation of grids in the pocket under LN2.

Available in 6 colours and laser-marked with unique serial numbers, the grid boxes provide easier sample traceability.

Delivery & Returns
PRICE & AVAILABILITY: Please note that while we are working closely with our suppliers to minimise any global supply chain issues, prices and availability may be subject to change at short notice.