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Statebourne Dewars

High Capacity Dewars - 20 to 50 Litre

20 to 50 Litre high capacity Aluminium Dewars, suitable for Cyo-EM.

Our range of High capacity Dewars are ideal for laboratory applications and all have the option of a roller base for ease of transportation.

The Cryolab Series are designed and manufactured to the very latest standards and offer strength and durability within a lightweight high-efficiency package. State of the art super-insulation and ultra-high vacuum techniques ensure unrivalled thermal efficiency and vacuum life.

The Bio Series allow the storage of large quantities of biological material while still offering excellent holding times. Bio Extended hold time units have a narrower neck opening for outstanding thermal efficiency (Bio 20 and 35) whilst Bio high capacity units have wider neck openings for easy access (Bio 21, 22, 34, 36). Included with every Bio model are internal storage canisters suitable for the storage of biological material in cryovials on canes or straws in goblets.

Description Code Unit Qty
Bio 22 Cryo Refrigerator AGB7581 EA
Bio 34 Cryo Refrigerator AGB7576 EA
Bio 35 Cryo Refrigerator AGB7577 EA
Bio 36 Cryo Refrigerator AGB7578 EA
Cryolab 20 Aluminum Dewar AGB776 EA
Cryolab 25 Aluminium Dewar AGB778A EA
Cryolab 35 Aluminum Dewar AGB7560 EA
Cryolab 50 Aluminum Dewar AGB7561 EA
Roller Base for Bio 20 Litre Dewar AGB777 EA
Roller Base for Cryolab 20, 35 & 50 AGB7556 EA
Roller Base for Bio 21, 22, 34, 35 & 36 AGB7582 EA
Roller Base for Cryolab 25 AGB797 EA
Transport Trolley/Pouring Frame (for Cryolab 25) AGB798T EA
Bio 22/36 Lid/Neck Plate AGB7541 EA

Aluminium Dewars - 25 litre with Trolley/Pouring Frame

  • Aluminium Dewars - 25 litre with Trolley/Pouring Frame
  • Cryolab 35 Aluminum Dewar with roller base

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