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Spare Targets

A range of spare targets is available for most well known makes of sputter coaters. In most instances, foil or disc targets are employed, with some older instruments using solid plated targets.

Disc targets are plain discs. Foil and annular targets are supplied mounted on aluminium backing plates.

The table below shows some of the commonly used target materials.

Coater type

Target type Au Au/Pd Pt Pt/Pd Pd Ni Ag Cr
  Disc targets        
1 57mm dia x 0.1mm AGB7390 AGB7391 AGB7392 AGB7395 AGB7397 AGB7393 AGB7394  
1 57mm dia x 0.2mm AGB7390-2 AGB7391-2 AGB7392-2 AGB7395-2      
2 57mm dia x 3.2mm               AGB7396
3 54mm dia x 0.1mm AGB7199              
3 54mm dia x 0.2mm AGB7199-2 AGB7164 AGB7165 AGB7166   AGB7167 AGB7168  
  Foil targets on aluminium backing plates        
4 58mm (nominal) dia x 0.1mm AGB7190 AGB7191 AGB7192   AGB7150 AGB7193 AGB7194  
5 60mm dia x 0.1mm AGB7184 AGB7185 AGB7186 AGB7169 AGB7159 AGB7187 AGB7188  
6 40mm dia x 0.1mm AGB7195 AGB7196            
7 20mm dia x 0.1mm AGB7197 AGB7198            
8 40mm dia x 0.1mm Set of 4 AGB7885 AGB7888 AGB7886     AGB7887 AGB7889  
  Annular targets supplied on aluminium ring holders        
9 OD: 82mm ID: 60mm x 0.1mm  AGB7370 AGB7371 AGB7372   AGB7398 AGB7373 AGB7374  
10 OD: 115mm ID: 92mm x 0.1mm  AGB7876 AGB7881 AGB7882     AGB7883 AGB7884  
  Other targets        
  Edwards S150A plated  AGB7355A              
  Edwards S150B 73mm disc
Scancoat 6
AGB7351  AGB7356  AGB7357          
Other metals are available in certain sizes, please ask for details.       
Coater type         
1 Agar coaters
  Cressington coaters (not 308 series) Polaron/Quorum/Bio-Rad/VG - E5000, E5200, E5400, SC502, SC7610, SC7620
2 Agar turbo coater                
  Cressington turbo coater                
3 Bal-Tec/Leica SCD005, SCD050, MED010,MED020        
4 Polaron/Quorum/Bio-Rad/VG/Emitech - SC500,SC500A        
5 Polaron/Quorum/Bio-Rad/VG/Emitech - K500X, K550X        
6 Polaron/Quorum/Bio-Rad/VG/Emscope - SM300, SC400        
7 Polaron/Quorum/Bio-Rad/VG/Emscope - K1250X, SP2000        
8 Polaron/Quorum/Bio-Rad/VG/Emitech - SC650, SC650A        
9 Polaron/Quorum/Bio-Rad/VG/Emitech - SC510, SC515, E5100, SC7640, SC7680      
10 Polaron/Quorum/Bio-Rad/VG/Emitech - E5175        

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