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R2 Rotator with 1051 Head

Low-speed mixer for EM specimen infiltration preparations (0.5 - 7.5 RPM), design provides two angles 55° or 35°.
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Product Description

The slow rotational speed of the R2 lends itself to EM tissue processing techniques. Slow rotation is recommended for processing specimens and leads to more complete infiltration without air mixing, giving improved results for tissue preparations.

The R2 has rubber cushioned feet on the bottom as well as on the back so it may be placed on either of two angles, 35° from horizontal when placed on the 'bottom feet' and 55° from horizontal when placed on the 'back feet'.

A high torque motor maintains constant speed at full load. Variable speed is easily set with a rotary control. Rotational speed is less than 1 to greater than 7.5 rpm. The R2 has been tested under heavy load conditions to assure reliability.

A black-anodized head (1051) with 18 holes for bottles or vials up to 30mm in diameter comes with the R2. 


1051 Head -19.7cm O.D., 18 holes (32mm ø)
Body -18.6cm W, 16.5cm H, 20.3cm D

With the 1051 head mounted the R2 occupies the following Dimensions: 
19.7cm W, 19.5cm H, 20.3cm D

Weight: with head - 2.4kg

Power: 100-240Vac 50/60Hz

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