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Stock codeDescriptionPKList priceOffer priceSaving
AGG306NPlain Stubs for JEOL 10mm Dia. x 10mm Numbered 1-1010£25.04£7.0072%
AGS174-1-2CLQuantifoil 2 µm dia (1 µm) 200 Mesh Copper with 2nm continuous carbon 100£1,352.20£491.3564%
AGS1800-2020nm Nanospheres (15 ml)1£774.35£321.3059%
AGG5010Intro to Cryo Consumable Kit1£341.09£151.6056%
AGE417Spectographically Pure Carbon Rods 4.6 mm x 30 0mm10£115.86£53.6054%
AGG3785Magnetic Stirrer with Ceramic Top Plate, 160 x 160 mm, 230 V1£407.06£185.6053%
AGG265CAluminium Tape with Adhesive Backing - 50 mm x 55 m1£65.39£32.7050%
AGG6084Liquid Bio Diamant NEODIA 6F 400 ml1£55.72£27.8650%
AGG303-S-10CorrStub SEM Specimen Stubs with V-Notch - Serialised (Pk10)10£36.07£18.0450%
AGJ600Carb-N-Grids, 2 wide posts10£204.52£108.0047%
AGS171-2A450nm Si Nitride 4x4 Array 0.5 mm x 0.5 mm1£169.33£169.3346%
AGB7165Platinum Disc Target, 54 mm dia x 0.2 mm, Coater Type 31£1,054.86£580.9445%
AGG3399-6DiATOME Histo Jumbo Diamond Knife 6.00 mm, 45deg1£2,615.55£1,545.6641%
AGC403L-90Bio Orange 260 Nitrile Gloves L90£34.17£20.1641%
AGS162N6HFormvar/Carbon on 75 Mesh Nickel25£198.24£131.0034%
AGG5108-4-20Gel-Pak Black Anti-Static, 50.8 x 76.2 x 9.5 mm, AD X420£366.06£256.2430%
AGR1034Lowicryl HM20 Kit1£1,205.70£843.9930%



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