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'Introduction to Cryo-EM' Consumables Kit

'Intro to Cryo-EM' Consumables Kit including a selection of Cryo TEM grid boxes, Dumont Tweezers, with a pack of ten R2/2 Quantifoils.

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Product Description

Our 'Introduction to Cryo-EM' Consumables Kit contains a number of products which we recommend to cryo users. This kit will set you up with the basics you require to get started with grid preparation, perfect for both new and existing users looking to try different techniques, test suitability and explore other product ranges

The kit includes a pack of R2/2 Quantifoils on 400 mesh copper grids, which is a good starting point. A variety of cryo-grid boxes are supplied for grid storage, the round boxes are compatible with most plunge freezers and the type of grid box chosen is usually based on personal preference. The AGG3729 squared box has also been included which is compatible with the Gatan CT3500. The kit also includes 3 types of tweezers, ESD soft grip with extra fine tips, ESD epoxy coated stainless steel with anti-magnetic properties and the component handling tweezers which are useful for handling grid boxes with the screw-type lid.

Kit Contents
AGT5509ESD Soft Grip Tweezers, 115mm, Extra Fine Tips1
AGT5066Component Handling Tweezers Type 5711
AGT5536Fine ESD Epoxy coated Tweezers SS - Anti-Magnetic1
AGG3727Round Cryo TEM Grid Box with Lid2
AGG3735Round Cryo TEM Grid Box with Pin Type Lid2
AG160-40WCryo TEM Grid Box, Round, White, with Clear Lid1
AG160-42WCryo TEM Grid Box, Round, White, with Pin Type Lid1
AGG3729Square Cryo TEM Grid Box with Lid2
AGG37364-hole Cryo TEM storage box, Round shape to fit FEI Vitrobot   2
AGS173-3Quantifoil 2um dia (2um) 400 Mesh Copper (Pack of 10)1
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