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WELL 6500 Precision Vertical Diamond Wire Saw

The WELL 6500 precision diamond wire saw produces precise sections in a wide variety of material, for larger sized samples up to 300mm x 300mm.

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Premium WELL 6500 Vertical Diamond Wire Saw Package
Average lead time: 29 days
Average lead time: 29 days
Product Description

The WELL 6500 precision diamond wire saw produces precise sections in a wide variety of materials. The resultant finish is smooth and flat – often eliminate or greatly reduce polishing time. It is compact and easy to use, meeting the needs of industrial as well as laboratory applications.

The proven WELL cutting techniques are integrated into the 6500 model. Patented stainless steel diamond embedded wire, approximately 30 metres in length, travels continually back and forth. To keep the diamond wire perfectly vertical the drum is synchronised along the axis of the winding pitch (1mm) with each revolution.

The ‘T-slotted’ worktable accommodates larger size samples up to 300mm in height x 300mm in width. The length of the sample is unlimited as long as support for the work piece can be provided. To cut small parts, the wire guide rollers can be lowered close to the sample. In addition, an optional micro-metric table is available to cut accurate slices.

The wire tension can be adjusted by weights attached to the tensioner pulley according to the diameter of the wire used in the machine. The tension constantly monitored and displayed with low, normal and high tension indications. This allows very fine wires to be used and maximum life to be obtained from the diamond wire.

An electronic ruler is installed underneath the worktable to display the cutting progress on screen. The parameters can be easily modified to precisely set the depth of cut.

The WELL 6500 compact design is easy to use and maintain to produce consistent, precise sections.

Features & Specifications
Cutting orientation
Cutting feed
Gravity (+/- 2000g)
Electric motor
Ready, WiFi B/G
Machine weight
Overall dimensions
L x W x H; 650 x 480 x 1200mm
Machine control
Touch Screen LCD 7", 1024 x 600 Pixel
Drum diameter
Pulleys diameter
Table surface
400 x 370mm
CE Certification
USB Output
Wire diameter
0.12 - 0.50mm
Wire length
Wire speed
0 - 2.5m/s
Wire tension
1 - 20kg
Sample weight
< 15kg
Sample dimension
< H = 300 x W = 300 Ø 300mm
PWS (Protecting Wire System)
AWS (Automatic Winding System)
12 months
Technical Data
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