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Vacuum coating application guide

The table offers guidance to help you select the coater type and configuration most appropriate for your application:
Applications  Instrumentation
SEM low magnification imaging  Manual sputter coater – Au target
SEM high magnification imaging
High specimen throughput  
Automatic sputter coater – Au/Pd target
Film thickness monitor 
FEG SEM high magnification imaging
Low voltage imaging
Highly contoured samples 
High resolution coater – Cr, Pt/Pd targets
Rotary planetary stage
Terminating film thickness monitor
EDX analysis low atomic number coating Carbon coater
EDX WDX analysis SEM Turbo carbon coater
EBSD/CL/BE imaging of non-conductive samples  Film thickness monitor
Rotary planetary stage
TEM support films TEM Turbo carbon coater
Grid coating  Metal evaporation
Metal evaporation and shadowing  Rotary shadowing table
Hydrophilisation of grids  Glow discharge