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Paraffin Tissue Processing Application Kit

Paraffin Tissue Processing Application Kit for use with the PELCO BioWave® Pro+.
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Product Description

All the accessories needed for complete paraffin processing are included in this kit. Vacuum-assisted infiltration, along with microwave energy, enhances any standard protocol. The kit includes:

The PELCO ColdSpot® Plus
The PELCO ColdSpot® Plus is designed for use in the PELCO BioWave® BioWave® Pro+ to allow for applications requiring higher temperatures while maintaining consistent microwave energy. The all-welded, solvent resistant polypropylene can withstand temperatures up to 100°C.

PELCO TissueVac® Histology Vacuum Accessory
The PELCO TissueVac® is engineered specifically for use with the 58 cassette holder and utilises an integrated temperature probe for consistent monitoring. A paraffin heating tile is included as a heat receptor for optimal infiltration.

PELCO HistoWave® Cassette System
The PELCO Histowave® Cassette System consists of a tank with a cassette rack for 26 standard cassettes for processing. The system allows for simple solution changes during processing and the ability for use in the PELCO TissueVac® chamber.

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