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Bio Diamant Paste Series 100

Diamond powder pastes designed for grinding and polishing work. 

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Product Description

Designed for all grinding and polishing work, the Bio DIAMANT® Pastes contain a diamond powder free of any impurity, guaranteeing its cutting power. The perfectly calibrated grains are uniformly suspended in chemically pure ingredients.

The Bio DIAMANT Paste formulation provides a more uniform and more fluid abrasive film, which allows an immediate abrasion of the part to be polished. The concentration of the pastes has a direct effect on the polishing execution rate - a high concentration is the guarantee of a high yield.

  • Monocrystalline diamond 
  • Suitable for all materials
  • Cleaning: with water or alcohol
  • Colouration by grain size
  • 10g syringes

Bio Diamant Paste 103 concentration is strong.

Bio Diamant Paste 105 concentration is very strong.

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