Save up to 75% on essential equipment and consumables!

We are pleased to announce the 2023 edition of INSPIRATIONS. Created in collaboration with other Calibre Scientific brands, you’ll find over 400 great offers for your laboratory. 

  • Equipment and consumables from over 8 different business units
  • Premium brands and cost-saving solutions
  • Sustainable solutions to help improve your lab’s efficiency and sustainability
Product highlights include:
Non-radioactive, Uranium free Uranyl Acetate substitute UA-Zero.Cryo-Gloves and PPE for ultra-cold applications down to -196 °C (-320 °F).Energy efficient ULT storage from Stirling Ultracold.
LVL Technology 2D Tube Rack SAFE® for safe and efficient long-term storage of samples.ABDOS refill pipette tips made from ultra-pure USP class VI certfieid virgin PP.Economical and stackable ISS-7100 incubator shaker.
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