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The Apiezon range of waxes features three products including the Wax W, also known as ‘Black Wax’, the W100 Wax and W40 Wax.

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The Apiezon range of waxes features three products including the Wax W, also known as ‘Black Wax’, the W100 Wax and W40 Wax. All 3 waxes in the range can be used as permanent or semi-permanent vacuum sealants or mounting media.

Apiezon waxes are equally effective at maintaining seals in vacuum systems down to 10-9 torr at 20°C (dependent on the wax) and in systems at small positive pressures. They are excellent waterproof mediums providing a total seal against liquid water and offer superior sealing against water vapour and atmospheric moisture.

Like the greases, the waxes contain a high proportion of branched and unsaturated hydrocarbons. These complex structures give a very high molecular weight and consequently strong powers of absorption, particularly for other hydrocarbon molecules. Strong absorption properties ensure that the waxes have a powerful "gettering" action, i.e. the power to absorb greasy or chemical impurities on metal and glass surfaces. Apiezon waxes have no contaminating effect on electrical equipment and are easily removed by hydrocarbon solvents, taking with it many trace impurities which are not removed by solvents alone. This has led to their extensive use in the electronics industry, where scrupulous cleanliness of metal surfaces is required.

Their excellent vapour pressure characteristics, are extremely important for a variety of applications, including thin film deposition. Volatiles will not jeopardise the vacuum within the system or contaminate thin film deposits.

These waxes are used in the manufacture of silicon transistors and integrated circuits. They are chemically inert, being resistant to etching fluids such as:

  • HF (Hydrofluoric acid)
  • HNO3 (Nitric acid)
  • CH3COOH (Acetic acid)
  • KOH (Potassium hydroxide)
  • TMAH (Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide)
  • EDP (Ethylenediamine pyrocatechol)
  • NaOH (Sodium hydroxide)

AGB7275 W Wax 500g pack contains a minimum of 25 sticks each of approximately 20g

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Wax W


Approx Softening point 80 to 90°C        50 to 60°C        40 to 50°C    
Est. vapour pressure at 20°C / 68°F, Torr       4.5 x 10-9 4.5 x 10-9 6 x 10-8
Temp for Application 130°C 110°C 90°C
Working Temp Range -10 to 75°C  -10 to 45°C  -10 to 35°C 
Water Pemeability g/cm/hr/mm Hg at 25°C  1.4 x 10-8 1.6 x 10-8 1.6 x 10-8
Thermal conductivity at 20°C, W/m°C 0.189 0.17 0.177
Specific heat at 25°C, J/g 1.8 2.7 2.9
Loss tangent 0.015 0.016 0.015
Permittivity 2.8 2.7 2.9
Volume resistivity, Ω cm 6.31 x 1015 1.64 x 1015 5.03 x 1015

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Apiezon W Wax 1kg AGB7275-1 In Stock EA
Apiezon W Wax 500g AGB7275 Lead time:
14 days
Apiezon W100 Wax 250g AGB7282 Lead time:
30 days
Apiezon W40 Wax 250g AGB7241 Lead time:
21 days

Apiezon Waxes W100 W40

  • Apiezon Waxes W100 W40