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UA-Zero non-radioactive EM Stain

UA-Zero® EM Stain is a trouble-free solution developed as a direct substitute for Uranyl Acetate.

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UA-Zero EM Stain, 25ml bottle
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Product Description

UA-Zero® EM Stain is a patented solution developed as a direct substitute for Uranyl Acetate. UA-Zero does not contain any radioactive material and is non-toxic. It can be used as a direct replacement for Uranyl Acetate with no changes to standard user protocols and delivers high contrast imaging.

  • Uranyl Acetate substitute
  • Non-radioactive, Uranium free
  • No handling, storage or disposal restrictions
  • Image contrast results as good as Uranyl Acetate, if not better
  • No additional processing required
  • Direct replacement for Uranyl Acetate without changing standard user protocols
  • Independently tested and verified

UA-Zero is non-radioactive and Uranium free. Consequently, there are none of the handling, storage or disposal issues associated with Uranyl Acetate.

The ready-to-use lead-free solution can be used as a direct replacement for to Uranyl Acetate without any changes to the standard user protocols, and no additional processing is required to enhance the image contrast. As shown in the Application Notes the image contrast results carried out at Bristol University are as good as Uranyl Acetate, if not better.

UA-Zero is supplied in an opaque dropper bottle, which should be stored long-term in the lab fridge at around 4°C. For daily use, the sealed bottle can be stored in normal laboratory conditions away from direct sunlight.

It has been shown that UA-Zero EM Stain works very well for various protocols that specify Uranyl Acetate as a staining solution for TEM sample preparation in life science. The specific protocols described in the Application Notes are examples for preparing samples and subsequent imaging using TEM. Uranyl Acetate and UA-Zero EM stain were directly compared and the images generated are shown in the Results sections.

UA-Zero is easy to use; to stain the sample on a TEM grid, with a support film, only a few simple steps are required before drying.

UA-Zero non-radioactive EM Stain

UA-Zero is supplied in 25ml bottles.

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