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A multi-purpose tools for electronics, chemistry and watchmaking.
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Product Description

These multi-purpose tools for electronics, chemistry and watchmaking can be used as a probe for lead-free soldering operations, a positioning aid tool for assembly operations, a spatula for applying adhesives, for dosing chemicals in labs, a stirring rod for the preparation of adhesives and solutions, and a scraper to remove solder masking agents, rubber latex or adhesive coatings. They are available in two ESD-safe high performance plastics.

Type CP: high performance PEEK™ reinforced with carbon fibre, very high chemical resistance, very high temperature resistance (up to 300 °C) most appropriate for lead free soldering applications even at high temperatures.

Type SV: high performanc e PVDF Teflon® like material reinforced with carbon fibre. Smooth surface, extremely high acid resistance. Most appropriate for scratch-sensitive components or for applications with acids.

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