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Rotary Tilting Stage

A rotary tilting stage for the Agar Scientfic automatic Sputter Coater.
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Product Description

The Agar Scientific Rotary Tilting Stage is designed for 120mm diameter vacuum chamber and is fully compatible with the Agar Scientific automatic sputter coater AGB7341. The Rotary Stage is supplied with a short glass cylinder (120 dia. x 44mm H) to replace the standard chamber, the overall height of the Rotary Stage plus the short glass cylinder remains the same at 120mm. The rotation speed is variable in five steps from 0-120 rpm and is controlled by a multi-position rotary switch. By rotating the external body the tilting angle is variable from 0-90° in both directions. The tilting angle can either be locked or varied during deposition.

All entangled, rough or highly 3-dimensional samples can be conformally coated with a thinner coating using the Rotary Tilting Stage. The combination of rotation and eucentric tilt results in coating which is conformal to the sample surfaces. Sputter deposition covers at the sample surface from all possible directions. Charging is minimised, even with very thin coatings. This will improve both conductivity and image quality while reducing artifacts and coating thickness at the same time. This will also increase target efficiency. The Tilting Stage is also fully compatible with the Agar Scientific thickness monitor. The design of the Rotary Tilting Stage places the crystal head for the thickness monitoring system close the sample surface which improves the accuracy of the thickness monitoring. The standard sample table has 4 standard 12.7mm (1/2”) pin stubs and it's powered independently by a 9V battery in the external housing.

Key Features

  • Rocking tilt from 0-90°
  • Short sample distance
  • Enables highly uniform and conformal coatings
  • Enables thinner coating with better coverage
  • Compact with near eucentric tilt
  • Fully compatible with thickness monitoring
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