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Hybrid Cryo Grid Box

Hybrid cryo-EM sample storage boxes from NanoSoft, with unqiue serial number and dedicated wells for both unclipped grids and autogrids. Available with pin lid or without pin lid.

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Product Description

These hybrid design grid boxes from NanoSoft are the first cryo-EM sample storage boxes that have dedicated wells for both unclipped grids and autogrids. The optimised design securely holds autogrids and unclipped grids while simultaneously allowing for easy placement and removal from the grid wells.

Each grid box contains:

  • Individual wells for unclipped grids
  • Two wells for autogrids, each housing two autogrids

The shift in the axis in the autogrid wells guarantees that tweezers holding one autogrid cannot accidentally contact and damage the neighbouring autogrid in the same well.

The wells are arranged vertically and can be considered 1-4, top to bottom. Upon clipping, the autogrid can be shifted to the autogrid well directly across from the unclipped grid well, maintaining the same well number.

Organisation, traceability and sample tracking are made easier by 6 available colours and also by the unique 5-digit serial number which is laser marked onto the side of every grid box.

Pastel colours provide high contrast with grids and autogrids, as well as having reflective properties to make it easier for users to visualise the storage wells, even under liquid nitrogen. The specialised plastic offers robust, mechanical properties.

The pin lid design allows for optimised access to all sample wells when holding down in a grid clipping station and cassette loading station. The lid has a slight blue tint for easy differentiation from other types of pin lid.

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