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Cryo Tweezers for FEI Vitrobot System

Innovative tweezers assembly by NanoSoft, for plunge-freezing Cryo TEM FEI Vitrobot sample preparation systems.

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Product Description

This tweezer assembly has been thoughtfully designed by NanoSoft to overcome the shortcomings inherent in the original assembly supplied with the FEI Vitrobot systems.

Designed for plunge-freezing cryo-TEM sample preparation, the tweezers are compatible with all generations of the Vitrobot system and have many features to make the sample preparation process more straightforward and repeatable.

Spring-loaded Plunge Clamp
  • Easy to attach and remove from the plunge arm 
  • Spring-loaded - easily pinched open to attach to and remove from the plunge arm
  • Precision machined clamp, attaches securely and accurately to the dovetail
  • Self-centres to align the tweezers axis of the plunger rod, to ensure that it plunges safely through to the liquid ethane
Modified Reverse-Action Tweezers
  • Hold the grids securely in their natural state
  • Just a small pinch required to release the grid into the gridbox
  • Top-quality, ultra-fine point Dumont tweezers
  • The modified tweezers fit between the blotting pads without interfering with the blot
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