The Agar Automatic Sputter Coater is a compact, easy-to-use, benchtop coating unit with pumping system for automatic coating of SEM samples.

Ideally suited for routine sample coating applications, the automatic coaters are simple and economic to operate, offering rapid pump down times, fine grain coatings, and negligible sample heating whilst providing efficient high-rate sputtering.

This advanced automatic sputter coater is supplied complete with a pumping system which can be interchanged and shared with the Agar carbon coater, plus optional film thickness monitors to measure coating thickness.

  • Sputter chamber: Fully annealed Pyrex work chamber sealed with wide section O rings to the base-plate and hinged top-plate.
  • Sputter head: 57 mm diameter, 0.1 mm thickness gold target delivered standard. Other targets such as gold/palladium, platinum, platinum/palladium or silver can be readily interchanged, allowing for choices in the prevention of charging effects to best suit your application.
  • Control system: Complete operating cycle including pumping, argon flushing, timing and venting is carried out under microprocessor control with user-defined inputs for sputtering current and coating time. Control and current control functions have been separated, allowing the user to independently adjust the pressure and current to obtain the best sample conformity and minimum grain size.
  • Pumping system: Mounted on an anti-vibration platform and designed to sit on the benchtop behind the coating unit. The pumping speed of the system results in rapid pump-down performance from atmosphere and short cycle times.
  • Thickness monitors: Designed for use with the coating units, each monitor has a 4-digit LED display, push button zero and crystal lifetime check.

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