If you couldn't make it to mmc2021, we have collated all of our presentations, videos and PDFs in the same place for you to access. If you have any questions or enquiries about any of the content, please do get in contact with us by emailing sales@agarscientific.com.

Product PDFs

New Products from Agar Scientific

New products from our production labs including UA-Zero, London Resin acrylic resins, Glutaraldehyde in 0.1M Phosphate Buffer, Sodium Cacodylate Buffer 0.2M and more.

Consumables for Microscopy

Consumables for supporting all forms of microscopy. We offer a range of consumables, from chemicals to storage boxes, discover more through our consumables PDF.

Specimen Preparation Equipment for EM 

A range of coaters, polishing/grinding equipment, diamond wire saws and more. We have machines available to demo, please visit our book a demo page for more information. 

Technical Showcase

UA-Zero: Non-Radioactive, Uranium-Free Staining

In May 2019, Agar Scientific launched an all-new EM stain, UA-Zero, which boasted comparable image quality to traditional UA, and without changing the process protocols.

In this presentation we look at 2 case studies, highlighting the comparison of UA-Zero to UA and finally a real-world research example showing UA-Zero being used as a viable and quality alternative to Uranyl Acetate.


Preparing your sample for imaging & analysis

Agar Scientific offers professional solutions to help the microscopist in every step of their sample preparation workflow. In addition, we manufacture and supply calibration specimens necessary to check the performance of the microscope, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the microanalysis.


Using the Agar Scientific Automatic Sputter Coater

A video demo of the Agar Scientific Automatic Sputter Coater. The coater is an advanced sputter coater, where the complete sequence of flush, leak, coat and vent is automatically controlled.

Introducing the Nikalyte NL50 Bench-top Nanoparticle Deposition System

The NL50 from Nikalyte is a bench-top nanoparticle deposition system designed for the scientist or technician who is investigating the properties and application of nanoparticles. This instrument will find its home in nanotechnology laboratories throughout the world.