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Tweezer holders and boxes to protect the tweezers from damage when transporting, storing and in use.

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  1. AGT007 Dumont Tweezers Box for 7 Tweezers

    Dumont Tweezer Boxes

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    Dumont wooden tweezers boxes have foam inserts to protect the tweezers. Each box has a white varnish finish, available in 3 sizes with storage options of 3, 5 or 7 Tweezers.

  2. Tweezers holder for 3 pairs tweezers

    Tweezers holders

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    These safe, convenient and portable holders for tweezers are made from strong white acrylic with stainless steel pins.
  3. Tweezers holder

    Tweezers holder

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    This acrylic holder accommodates six tweezers.

    Part no: AGT5180

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3 Item(s)