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Slides & accessories

Slides & accessories

A comprehensive range of high quality microscope slides are available. The glass is subject to rigid quality processes to ensure flatness without impurities or defects. Slides can be supplied pre washed polished with ground edges in boxes of 50. A range of labels and markers is also available.

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  1. Microscope slides

    Microscope slides

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    High quality microscope slides manufactured in Germany.
  2. Super frost slides

    Super frost slides

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    These high quality slides with ground edges have a frosted marking surface available in six colours for easy identification.
  3. Large microscope slides

    Large microscope slides

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    These large microscope slides are specially made for large tissue sections, such as brain, to allow uninterrupted examination without loss of tissue.
  4. Quartz slides and coverslips

    Quartz slides

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    This range of quartz slides is made from fused quartz Vitreosil 077®.
  5. Cavity slides

    Cavity slides

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    These slides are useful as moist chambers for observing hanging drops.
  6. Polysine microscope slides

    Polysine microscope slides. Pack of 72

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    High quality slides with a permanent positively charged surface.

    Part no: AGL4345

  7. Metal Slides, 75 x 25mm. Pack of 5

    Metal Slides, 75 x 25mm. Pack of 5

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    Metal slides for the mounting of specimens for applications such as polishing/grinding and ultrasonic disc cutting.

    Part no: AGL4363

  8. Haemacytometers


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    Haemocytometers counting chambers are made to exacting standards and conform to BS748.
  9. England Finder

    The England Finder

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    This is a microscope slide marked over the top surface in such a way that a reference position can be deduced by direct reading.

    Part no: AGL4076

  10. Volume/counting cells

    Volume/counting cells

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    These volume/counting cells are used to define precise volumes of liquid for counting particles in a specified volume.
  11. Melinex® film

    Melinex film. Pack of 5 sheets

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    Melinex® film is a convenient substrate for growing cell cultures and for later incorporation into blocks.

    Part no: AGL4103

  12. Slide dispenser

    Slide dispenser

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    Microscope slide dispenser.

    Part no: AGG282

Set Descending Direction

Items 1-12 of 17