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Safety products

Safety products

Agar Scientific stocks a range of safety products including face masks, goggles and protective clothing.

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  1. Pop-Up Glovebag Safety Isolator

    Pop-Up Glovebag Safety Isolator

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    Instant pop-up benchtop isolator transforms your lab into a safe, enclosed working environment.

    Part no: AGB6203

  2. Facemask


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    This facemask provides protection from a wide range of non-toxic particles.

    Part no: AGC8030A

  3. Safety spectacles, Astrolite

    Safety Spectacles Frisco Clear PC Lens Blue Frame

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    This eye shield is a one piece construction and offers a panoramic field of vision

    Part no: AGC885

  4. Goggles without ventilation

    Goggles without ventilation

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    These goggles have non-ventilated double glazed PVC frames.

    Part no: AGC887

  5. Blast goggles

    Blast goggles

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    These polycarbonate goggles have an exceptionally wide field of vision, anti-mist and anti-scratch coating, and an adjustable ball-pivot strap.
  6. Protective goggles

    Protective goggles

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    Protective goggles with coloured glass in flip-front for observing the evaporation process.

    Part no: AGG395

  7. Cryo aprons

    Cryo aprons

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    Essential for protection when handling low temperature liquids.
  8. Rigid wall ampoule snappers

    Rigid wall ampoule snappers

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    Rigid wall disposable ampoule snappers.
  9. Ampoule snappers

    Ampoule snappers

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    A safe and simple way to break open ampoules.

    Part no: AGC889

  10. Safety hot hand protector

    Safety hot hand protector

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    This provides a safe and convenient method of handling hot laboratory ware.

    Part no: AGC882

  11. Safety dispenser for 10 single edge razor blades

    Safety dispenser for 10 single edge razor blades

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    Single edge backed razor blades dispenser.

    Part no: AGT5106

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11 Item(s)