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  1. Apiezon 100 Grease 50g

    Apiezon 100 Grease 50g

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    Apiezon AP100 Grease is a silicone-free vacuum grease and lubricant, containing PTFE and exhibits extremely high levels of lubricity.

    Part no: AGY5395

  2. Apiezon 101 Grease

    Apiezon 101 Grease

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    Apiezon AP101 is a specialist, anti-seize vacuum grease, containing PTFE, which confers superior anti-seize properties.
  3.  Apiezon H Grease 25g

    Apiezon H Grease 25g

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    As a high temperature, low to medium vacuum grease with good thermal conduction properties.

    Part no: AGB7271

  4. Apiezon L Grease

    Apiezon L Grease

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    Apiezon L Grease is a silicone-free and halogen-free ultra high vacuum grease and has the best vapour pressure properties of all Apiezon products.
  5. Apiezon M Grease 25g tube

    Apiezon M Grease

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    Apiezon M Grease is a silicone-free and halogen-free high vacuum grease with excellent lubrication properties and radiation resistance.
  6. Apiezon N Grease 25g

    Apiezon N Grease 25g

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    Apiezon N Grease is the cryogenic Vacuum Grease of choice, it's silicone-free and specially formulated to withstand frequent cycling between cryogenic temperatures as low as -273°C and +30°C.

    Part no: AGB7273

  7. Apiezon T Grease 25g

    Apiezon T Grease 25g

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    Apiezon T Grease is a silicone-free medium temperature vacuum grease renowned for its quality and tenacity.

    Part no: AGB7277

  8. Apiezon Q Compound 1kg

    Apiezon Q Compound 1kg

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    Apiezon Compound Q is a versatile, temporary vacuum sealing medium which exhibits good vacuum properties in the lower vacuum range.

    Part no: AGB7274

  9. Apiezon Oil AP201

    Apiezon Oil AP201 (4 Litres)

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    Apiezon AP201 Oil is a flagship vapour booster pump fluid with an exceptionally high degree of oxidation resistance.

    Part no: AGB7246

  10. Apiezon Waxes W100 W40

    Apiezon Waxes

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    The Apiezon range of waxes features three products including the Wax W, also known as ‘Black Wax’, the W100 Wax and W40 Wax.

  11. Cargille immersion oils

    Cargille immersion oils

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    Cargille immersion oil types A, B, DF and FF
  12. Oil mist filters

    Oil mist filters

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    Filters are available for the removal of oil mist from vacuum pump exhaust gases.
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