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NL50 Benchtop Nanoparticle Deposition System

A benchtop, one-touch nanoparticle deposition system suitable for any laboratory studying the applications of nanoparticles.

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Product Description

The NL50 is designed for any laboratory studying the applications of nanoparticles.

The vacuum deposition process produces ultra-pure nanoparticles that are free of hydrocarbons or other contamination. The nanoparticle coating is deposited straight onto the substrate, and after a typical cycle time of 30 minutes is ready for analysis with no further drying or purification steps required.

Recommended Applications include Photonics, Antiviral, Catalysis, Life Science, Graphene, Sensors, Antibacterial, Drug Delivery & more.

Ultra Pure Nanoparticles

The NL50 utilises magnetron sputtering to generate a beam of ultra-pure nanoparticles in vacuum. Nanoparticle characteristics are:

  • Ultra-pure and hydrocarbon free
  • Non-agglomerated
  • Consistent and repeatable results
  • Choice of materials including Au, Ag, Cu, Pt, Ir, Ni, Ti and Zr
  • Generate compound nanoparticles such as nitrides and oxides

Deposition Control

Real time deposition control using a Quartz Crystal Monitor (QCM) enables precise and repeatable control over surface loading from sub monolayer coverage to porous 3D structures. Deposition times are typically a few minutes. Deposition Rates range from 10-50ng/cm2s

Easy to Use

The intuitive user interface is easy to use and allows full automation of the pump down and deposition sequence. 

  • Fully automated pump down and venting
  • Preloaded optimised deposition settings for common materials
  • Advanced users can control deposition conditions to vary the nanoparticle size and deposition rate
  • Choice of deposition control using deposited weight or deposition time

Quick Material Exchange

NL50 is the ideal multi-user tool, with the ability to switch from one material to another in minutes.

The flip-back design ensures target exchange in minutes using only a pozidrive screwdriver. The 180-degree flip back lid allows full access to the sputter target without needing to remove the magnetron head. 

Surface Cleaning & Pre-treatment

The NL50 offers optional in-situ plasma cleaning of conducting substrates.

In vacuum, plasma cleaning removes adsorbed molecules from the substrate, in order to aid adhesion of the deposited nanoparticles and enable functionalisation of the substrate surface before deposition.

For delicate substrates simply deselect the plasma cleaning step.

Flexible Substrate Loading

The NL50 is designed for a wide range of substrate types and sizes up to 50mm in diameter. Delicate substrates are suitable as no heat is generated in the deposition chamber. Substrates include, but are not limited to:

  • Microscope slides
  • Petri dishes
  • Micro-well plates
  • Membranes
  • Plastics
Features & Specifications
Approx. 60kg
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
70 x 50 x 60cm
Target Size
25.4mm diameter, max 3mm thick
Max. Sample Size
50mm diamter
Conducting materials, including Ag, Au, Pt, Cu, Ni, Ti, Ir
Single phase IEC, AC@110-260v, 50-60 Hz
Argon (process gas), Nitrogen (vent gas), High pressure air (Pneumatics), 6mm compression fittings
1L/min (0.3 US GPM), 2 x 10mm compression fittings
DN25KF, 120L/m backing pump required (7.23/h)
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