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Apiezon 101 Grease

Apiezon AP101 is a specialist, anti-seize vacuum grease, containing PTFE, which confers superior anti-seize properties.
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Product Description

Apiezon AP101 is a specialist, anti-seize vacuum grease, containing PTFE, which confers superior anti-seize properties providing glass and metal surfaces with long-lasting lubrication and protection from fusing and corrosion. It is silicon-free and is an excellent general purpose, hydrocarbon grease suitable for a variety of scientific applications. Typically, it is used to maintain the smooth operation of stopcocks and taps and is used in most laboratories.

The Grease is not limited to laboratory and glassware use and is equally effective on metal equipment which may be subject to seizure or corrosion. Just a small amount of AP101 on fastenings will ensure they are protected. It reduces sample contamination and consequently the risk of interference in analytical techniques such as infra-red and mass spectrometry. Additionally, AP101 can be used with confidence in paint spraying and metal deposition processes.


  • Ideally suited for use in low to medium vacuum ranges having a vapour pressure of <10-5 Torr at 20°C
  • Anti-seize properties make it an effective protector and lubricant for metal surfaces which may be subject to seizure or corrosion
  • Insoluble in most solvents and resistant to water, alcohols, ketones and esters
  • Resists attack from aqueous acid and alkali solutions, alcoholic alkali solutions and corrosive gases
  • Suitable for use over a wide temperature range
  • Does not suffer from contamination problems associated with silicone-based greases such as 'creep' or 'carry over' due to AP101 being hydrocarbon based
  • Easy to clean and remove using hot water and an aqueous glassware detergent or hydrocarbon solvents
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