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Brilliant Cresyl Blue

Supravital haematology stain for counting the reticulocytes in peripheral blood smears. 25g. 

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Product Description

Brilliant Cresyl Blue is mainly used for the selection of oocytes. It helps in determining the activity of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD). This enzyme is generated in growing oocytes. However, oocytes that complete their growth have low levels of G6PD. Low G6PD activity results in the blue colouration of the cytoplasm because brilliant cresyl blue is not reduced to a colourless compound.

It is also used for the staining in reticulocytes, where the dye stains reticulin.

Certified as a supravital stain for reticulocytes.

The structure of Brilliant Cresyl Blue ALD contains a 2-methyl modification on the phenoxazine core, while the structure of the historic Brilliant Cresyl Blue contains an 8-methyl modification on the phenoxazine core. The biological staining application is the same for both structures.

25g. Harmful. 

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