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Silicon piezo-resistive self-sensing cantilever

Self-Sensing Cantilever for non-contact and contact mode applications. Resonant frequency range 500-1300kHz. Spring constant range 35-400N/m.
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Piezoresistive 70x30 µm self-sensing silicon cantilever, with 6x5mm PCB with 10 pin connector
Average lead time: 29 days
Average lead time: 29 days
Piezoresistive 70x30µm self-sensing silicon cantilever, (chip only, without PCB)
Average lead time: 29 days
Average lead time: 29 days
Product Description

Piezo-Resistive Sensing (PRS) probes are silicon cantilevers with an integrated piezo-resistor for self-sensing scanning probe microscopy applications. The piezo-resistors are integrated into a matched Wheatstone bridge to optimize the sensitivity and compensate environmental thermal drift. By using the self-sensing readout no laser adjustment is necessary in comparison to conventional optical readout AFM systems. This gains time during a cantilever change. Furthermore free space above the cantilever opens a door for new applications and various instrument combinations.

The cantilever provides a sharp tip for accurate measurements in various applications. The cantilever chip is bonded onto a small printed circuit board with a small connector. The loading process of a fragile cantilever equipped with a connector is more easy and save. The counterpart PCB of the cantilever PCB is connected to a low-noise pre-amplifier by a flat-flex-cable.


  • Integration on a standard AFM scanner
  • Force or deflection measurement within TEM, SEM, XPS, etc.
  • Torque magnetometry
  • Tip-scanning high-speed AFM
  • Various cantilever based sensor applications (media properties, air pressure/acoustic wave, etc.)
Features & Specifications
Tip parameter
Tip radius (tip apex)
Tip height
Tip material
Cantilever parameter
Cantilever resonant frequency
500-1300 kHz
Cantilever spring constant
35-400 N/m
Cantilever AFM mode
Cantilever length
Cantilever width
30 ±1µm
Cantilever shape
Cantilever material
Cantilever detection sensing
Piezo-resistive bridge
Cantilever actuator
External shaker
Cantilever electrical connections
Bonded to small PCB with connector
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