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Wafer Tweezers Type 8WF

Wafer tweezers - serrated handles - tips: handling 6'', top fingers, stepped bottom paddle.

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These Anti-Magnetic Anti-Acid Stainless Steel Wafer Tweezers (Type 8WF) are very accurate and specially designed to handle thin and delicate substrates such as glass, metal and silicon wafers.

  • Wafer size: 6"
  • Tip width: 28.5mm

Tip dimensions: 
A 28.5mm (1.12")
B 12.0mm (0.47")
C 2.2mm (0.08")
D 3.5mm (0.14")
E 2.5mm (0.10")

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Wafer Tweezers Type 8WF
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Wafer Tweezers Type 8WF

  • Wafer Tweezers Type 8WF