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Tweezers kit - Titanium


A set of tweezers containing one each high precision Titanium types 1, 2A, 3C, 5 and 7.

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A set of high quality Swiss made titanium tweezers containing one of each style 1, 2A, 3C, 5 and 7, supplied in a bespoke plastic foam wallet to store and protect the tweezers.

  • High precision tweezers
  • Anti-magnetic
  • High melting point that allows the use at high temperatures 870°C (1600°)
  • Bio-compatible
  • Low density (4.5 g/cm3)


Tip style


Body material
Overall length (mm) Tip thickness (mm) Tip
width (mm)
1 Tips: straight, fine, superior finish TA 120 0.1 0.15
2A Tips: straight, sharp, fne, superior finish TA 120 0.15 2.00
3C Tips: straight, sharp, fine, superior finish TA 110 0.15 0.35
5 Tips: straight, extra fine, superior finish TA 110 0.06 0.1
7 Tips: curved, very fine, superior finish TA 120 0.2 0.35

Nonferrous alloy type TA

General notes:

  • Engineering materials with extraordinary combination of properties: relatively low density (4.5 g/cm3), good mechanical properties and a very high melting point that allows the use at high temperatures (1600°F, 870°C)
  • Good corrosion resistance at room temperature to air, marine and a variety of industrial environments
  • Good cold formability, high ductility
  • Anti-Magnetic
  • Generally used where corrosion resistance and toughness are primary requirements
  • Typical applications include handling of components in cleaning/chemical processes also at high temperature, histology, biology, medicine, surgery

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Tweezers kit - Titanium
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Tweezers kit- Titanium

  • Tweezers kit- Titanium

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