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  1. Folding stereoscopes

    Folding stereoscopes

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    Simple folding stereoscopes.
  2. Daylight stereo viewer for two 50 X 50mm mounts

    Daylight stereo viewer for two 50 X 50mm mounts

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    The large aperture lenses of this viewer give good quality viewing of stereo pairs mounted in individual 50 x 50mm slide mounts.

    Part no: AGO675

  3. Red/blue stereo viewers

    Red/blue stereo viewers

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    Some anaglyphs are made using a red/blue combination instead of red/green.
  4. Red/green stereo viewers

    Red/green stereo viewers

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    Red/green stereo viewers in cardboard mounts.
  5. Red/Blue Stereo Glasses

    Red/Blue Stereo Glasses

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    These are high quality glasses for viewing anaglyph 3-D images.
  6. Polarised stereo spectacles AGO668

    Polarised stereo spectacles

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    These cardboard frame spectacles carry polarised filters for viewing stereo projections.
  7. Prismatic stereo viewer

    Prismatic stereo viewer

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    This viewer consists of reversed prisms to enable the viewing of two stereo prints orientated one above the other, and is valuable for viewing prints of different sizes without being limited by overlap problems.

    Part no: AGO640A

Set Descending Direction

7 Item(s)