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    Pen-Vac Vacuum Pump only

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    Part no: AGT5722

  2. MicroPipettes

    MicroPipettes - 1 to 200μl

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    Glass micropipettes, with ring mark. Contains the stated volume when filled from one end to the ring mark.
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    Silicon vacuum tubing 1/8" ID x 1/16 wall, 4' L

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    Part no: AG520-13

  5. Dissecting kits

    Dissecting kits

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    Dissection kits in a canvas holdall roll.
  6. Holdall for dissecting kits

    Holdall for dissecting kits

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    A khaki canvas bag with stitched pockets, protective flap and tape ties to secure when rolled.

    Part no: AGT5248

  7. Magnifying inspection mirrors

    Inspection mirrors

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    Dental type inspection mirrors mounted on solid aluminium handles.
  8. Pen-Vac® tweezers

    Pen-Vac tweezers, complete kit

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    This vacuum tweezer lifts items with flat surfaces that weigh up to 50g.

    Part no: AGT5720

  9. ESD safe Pen-Vac set with probes and cups

    ESD safe Pen-Vac set with probes and cups

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    This Pen-Vac system has a brushed aluminium and clear anodised body.
  10. Pen-Vac vacuum pick-up systems

    Pen-Vac vacuum pick-up systems, 220V

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    This vacuum pick-up system includes a pump, finger control pen, five interchangeable tips.

    Part no: AGT5721

  11. Diamond Grips

    Diamond Grips

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    These three-prong, spring-loaded grips are useful for lifting small objects from awkward positions in the microscope.
  12. Demagnetiser


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    This is useful for demagnetising tweezers, pole pieces and similar items.

    Part no: AGT570-1

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Items 1-12 of 36