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A wide range of tweezers and tools for all disciplines of microscopy including; tweezers, grippers, magnifiers & loupes, markers & scribes, measurement, needles & probes, scalpels & blades, scissors, spatulas, specimen punches and stereoscopy.

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  1. Dumont AA Electronic Tweezers

    Dumont AA Electronic Tweezers

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    Part no: AG5233

  2. Plastic Tweezer, length 114mm (pack of 10)

    Plastic Tweezer, length 114mm (pack of 10)

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    Part no: AG5685

  3. Vacuum Cup, Diameter: 2.4mm, Clear Silicone

    Vacuum Cup, Diameter: 2.4mm, Clear Silicone

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    Part no: AG528-70

  4. Wafer Tweezers Type 2W

    Wafer Tweezers Type 2W

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    Wafer tweezers - serrated handles - tips: handling 2'', stepped bottom paddle.

    Part no: AGT5051

  5. Component Handling Tweezers Type 571

    Component Handling Tweezers Type 571

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    Component positioning tweezers - serrated handles - tips: straight, grooved, for 2.5-5mm cylindrical device.

    Part no: AGT5066

  6. All-purpose utility scissors

    All-purpose utility scissors

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    All-purpose scissors can cut objects ranging from plastic and vacuum tubing and wire up to 24 gauge stainless steel.

    Part no: AGT5187

  7. Tweezers kit

    Tweezers kit

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    Kit of 5 High precision tweezers - Anti-Acid/Anti-Mag SS.

    Part no: AGT5530

  8. Diamond Grips

    Diamond Grips

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    These three-prong, spring-loaded grips are useful for lifting small objects from awkward positions in the microscope.
  9. AGT5453A Digital Vernier Caliper

    Digital Vernier Caliper

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    Quality Vernier caliper with digital readout.
  10. Vitrobot Tweezers assembly

    Vitrobot Tweezers assembly

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    Tweezers Assembly for Vitrobot Mark IV, III, II & I.

    Part no: AG47000-500

  11. AGT5542

    Stainless Steel Probes

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    Swiss made stainless steel multi-purpose probes.
  12. AGT5527 Vampire Vacuum Pick-Up

    Vampire Vacuum Pick-Up

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    The Vampire Vacuum Pick-Up tool is a battery-free hand held vacuum pick-up pen designed for the safe pick-up of small components.

    Part no: AGT5527

Set Descending Direction

Items 1-12 of 295