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X-ray microanalysis standards

A large proportion of all transmission and scanning electron microscopes have an X-ray analytical attachment to provide quantitative chemical information about the sample. This supplements the morphological information. In spite of the steadily improved software packages, it is still necessary to have good quality X-ray standards available.

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  1. Xray standards for TEM

    Xray standards for TEM

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    These standards are supplied as fine powders dispersed onto holey carbon films and are selected from a range of certified materials and synthetic compounds.
  2. Boron carbide standard

    Boron carbide standard

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    Small boron carbide particles.

    Part no: AGS144

  3. Copper foil on aluminium grid

    Copper foil on aluminium grid

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    This dual-purpose specimen determines detector efficiency, generating two well separated K lines to check the calibration of the X-ray detector.

    Part no: AGS149

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