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Waxes and sealing compounds

A range of Apiezon® wax and sealing compounds for sealing joints in high vacuum pressure systems.

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Apiezon® W is a low vapour pressure wax for sealing joints in high vacuum pressure systems. It has a working temperature range of -10 to 75°C. It is the most resistant to attack by acids and alkalis, has the lowest vapour pressures and is the most resistant to water.

Apiezon W40 is similar to type W but has a lower softening point which makes it very suitable for flow sealing in or around vacuum joints. It is not recommended for use at temperatures above 30°C.

Apiezon W100 is an inherently softer wax. It can be used for semi-permanent vacuum seals or for temporary specimen mounting on SEM stubs. This wax softens at 50 - 60°C.

Apiezon Q is a sealing compound which can be used for temporary seals at low vacuum. It remains firm for temperatures up to 30°C but is sufficiently pliable to permit easy moulding.

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Apiezon W Wax 500g AGB7275 In Stock EA
Apiezon W40 Wax 250g AGB7241 Lead time:
21 days
Apiezon W100 Wax 250g AGB7282 Lead time:
30 days
Apiezon Q Compound 1kg AGB7274 In Stock EA

Waxes and sealing compounds

  • Waxes and sealing compounds