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Vacuum coating materials

Carbon is available as a solid rod or fibre source.

A comprehensive range of high purity wires for evaporation and shadow casting is available, including Gold, Gold palladium, Platinum, Platinum iridium, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Aluminium etc. All wires are supplied in a convenient dispenser. Various thicknesses and purities are available, details on request.

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  1. Shaped carbon rods

    Shaped carbon rods

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    These are softer (graphite type) carbon rods, 55mm long, pre-shaped and ready for use in the vacuum coating unit.
  2. Carbon Rods for vacuum coating

    Carbon rods

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    Carbon rods for vacuum coating.
  3. Carbon rod sharpener

    Carbon rod sharpener

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    A simple sharpener that gives a good conical point on carbon rods

    Part no: AGT579

  4. Hand tool for carbon rod shaping

    Hand tool for carbon rod shaping

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    This is a high precision hand-held tool for shaping carbon rods to make cylindrical tips.

    Part no: AGT592

  5. Platinum carbon rods for electron beam evaporation

    Platinum carbon rods for electron beam evaporation

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    These carbon rods have been loaded with platinum and are ready for electron beam irradiation.

    Part no: AGE434

  6. Carbon fibre

    Carbon fibre

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    Evaporation of braided carbon fibre gives a very reproducible film thickness.
  7. AGE420 Tungsten Filament

    Ready made evaporation sources - filaments

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    Tungsten filaments offer a convenient ready prepared, reproducible evaporation sources.
  8. Evaporation boats

    Evaporation boats

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    Evaporation boats
  9. Molybdenum boats for aperture cleaning

    Molybdenum boats for aperture cleaning

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    These boats accommodate several aperture discs which should be heated in a vacuum chamber to bright red heat for cleaning.

    Part no: AGE446

  10. Evaporation metals

    Evaporation metals

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    High purity wires and materials for use in evaporation and shadow casting.
  11. Indium Wire

    Indium Wire

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    Indium wire for high vacuum seals in clean systems.

    Part no: AGE432

  12. Chromium chips (100g)

    Chromium chips (100g)

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    High purity 99.9% chromium chips graded for use with wire baskets.

    Part no: AGE435

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Items 1-12 of 14